Multifunctional complex for protection of meeting rooms
«UltraSonic Kartina»
suppression of microphones, mobile communications, bugs and laser microphones


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Weight (in package), kg: 5    Packing size, mm: 655х460х80

  • Type of voice recorders suppression:
    - Ultrasound radiation - 84 pieces; acoustic blocking;
  • Suppression of communications: 31 standards
  • Protection against laser microphones

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Unique device: full protection of the meeting room - blocking voice recorders, laser microphones and 10 communication frequency ranges (cellular, Internet, navigation, Wi-Fi, cameras)

«UltraSonic Kartina» powerful ultrasonic voice recorders suppressor is designed to protect meeting rooms and offices from information leakage. The device is made in the form of a painting of 655x460 mm size, equipped with suppressors of cellular communications, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, navigation, with protection from audio recording, laser wiretapping and bugs.

Suppression modes can be enabled individually, or used in the combined mode for maximum security. All control is carried out remotely using an infrared remote control. The camouflage case does not attract the attention of interlocutors and does not spoil the interior of the room.


  • Case in the form of a painting! All electronics are placed in a special case in the form of a panting. This design does not attract unwanted attention and does not spoil the interior. UNIQUE, OFFERED BY US ONLY!
  • 84 ultrasonic emitters! Ultrasonic emitters affect the membranes of microphones, blocking the possibility of audio recording. Prevents sound recording on any device - voice recorders, bugs, mobile phones. The power of each emitter is 90 dB, which allows protecting a large area from leakage of confidential information. UNIQUE, AVALABLE ONLY WITH US!
  • Protection against laser microphones and stethoscopes. The kit comes with 4 special piezo-emitters. These emitters are installed on the windows of the meeting room to prevent the possibility of reading information from them. If the room has a large number of windows, then you can purchase additional emitters. Just agree it with our manager.
  • Acoustic interference. This is a “chorus-like”, audible sound from the speaker, which can be switched on to camouflage the topic of conversation. Such a hindrance does not allow understanding the essence of the dialogue of the interlocutors when listening to the sound recording made. For maximum protection, we recommend the use of ultrasonic and acoustic suppression simultaneously.
  • Optional speaker for suspended ceilings. The space between the main and false ceilings can be used to install wired bug microphones. A special ceiling speaker is provided in the kit to block recording on such devices. Special acoustic interference completely eliminates the possibility of audio recording.
  • Acoustic attenuation volume adjustment. You can adjust the volume in such a way as to reliably protect negotiations from recording and at the same time hear the other person well.
  • Suppression of 31 RF communications standards. The built-in multi-frequency suppressor blocks wireless data transmission from the meeting room. During the operation of the suppressor, mobile communications, mobile Internet, navigation services, Wi-Fi channels and Bluetooth frequencies will be unavailable.

Multifunctional meeting room protection unit Ultrasonic Kartina - Ultrasound emitters
Multifunctional meeting room protection unit Ultrasonic Kartina - IR remote control receiver
Multifunctional meeting room protection unit Ultrasonic Kartina
  • IR remote control. All suppression modes can be switched on remotely using the remote control. You do not need to approach the device, just push the remote control buttons, select the required modes and start negotiations.
  • Combined protection mode uses all the functions of the UltraSonic Kartina negotiation protection complex simultaneously, which allows maximizing the security of the negotiation process.
  • Selection of suppression frequencies (optional, adds 3000 rub to the base price). At your request, our engineers can bring out a special unit with switches to the device housing. Using this unit the user will be able to select certain frequencies to be suppressed, while leaving others in operation.

ATTENTION! The suppression radius may vary. It depends on the power and proximity of the base station (repeater) of the cellular operator. The radius of the suppressor is indicated taking into account the level of the cellular signal of 60 - 80%.

In order to reliably suppress cellular communications and mobile Internet, it is necessary to position the suppression device at a distance of at least 200 meters from the base station (cell tower) or other wireless transponders.


Area of use

«UltraSonic Kartina» recorder and wireless connections suppressor is installed in the meeting room to provide protection against information leakage. The suppressor is hung on the wall and should be placed in close proximity to the negotiating table.


Principle of operation

«UltraSonic Kartina» meeting room protection complex combines 3 devices:

  • ultrasonic microphone suppressor
  • radio frequency communications suppressor
  • acoustic protection from laser microphones.

The device operates on a 220 Volt network. Switching on and off any protection mode is carried out using the remote control.


Technical specifications


31 Suppression standards:

Frequency Range: 925-960 MHz


  • GPRS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EDGE (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • UMTS (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • GSM-900 (downlink): 925-960 MHz
  • EGSM (downlink): 925-960 MHz

Frequency range: 1805-1880 MHz


  • EDGE (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GPRS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • HSUPA (downlink ): 1805-1880 MHz
  • DCS (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • LTE B3 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz
  • GSM-1800 (downlink): 1805-1880 MHz

Frequency range: 790-826 MHz


  • AMPS / D-AMPS : 790-826 MHz
  • LTE B20 (downlink): 791-821 MHz

Frequency range: 850-894 MHz


  • LTE B5 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • GSM-850 (downlink): 869-894 MHz
  • ZigBee: 868 MHz LPD868 : 868 MHz
  • CDMA: 850-890 MHz

Frequency range: 2110-2170 MHz


  • IMT-MC (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • W-CDMA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSDPA (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz
  • HSPA + (downlink): 2110-2170 MHz

Frequency range: 2400-2500 MHz

Standards: Wi-Fi: 2400-2500 MHz

  • Bluetooth: 2450-2485 MHz
  • RC 2.4G (video signal): 2400-2500 MHz

Frequency range: 1570-1610 MHz


  • GLONASS L1 (1st generation): 1602 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (2nd generation): 1600.995 MHz
  • GPS L1: 1575.42 MHz
  • GLONASS L1 (3rd generation): 1575.42 MHz

Frequency range: 2620-2690 MHz


  • WiMax: 2620-2690 MHz
  • LTE B7 (downlink): 2620-2690 MHz


  • Ultrasonic emitters: 84 pieces;
  • Ultrasonic frequencies distribution angle: 100 - 120 degrees;
  • Acoustic woofers: 2 pieces;
  • Number of  blocking modes: 3 modes;
  • Total output power of communication suppressor: 4 W;
  • Frequency suppression radius: up to 15 meters;
  • Dimensions: 655x460x480 mm.

Package content

  1. Ultrasonic Kartina suppressor - 1 pc.
  2. Instruction manual - 1 pc.


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